Below you will find more detailed information about my skills and offerings but I would like to begin by being a little less formal as I explain, in general terms, what I am about as a psychologist, biofeedback specialist, addiction professional and lecturer.

As you tour my website, you will find that, over the 40 years of my practice, I have explored many approaches to counseling, teaching people and supporting growth. Even as I discover new ways to deliver assistance, I continue to meet with clients in the traditional, time-proven method of one-on-one, in-office psychotherapy, and I have been gratified by the effects such treatment can achieve. I am compelled to share with all interested groups what I have learned from those psychotherapy experiences – and from the professional literature I read constantly.

Thus, as you examine this website, please keep in mind that my services as a psychotherapist are the focus of my work presently. The teaching/lecturing that I have done for many years remains an important part of my work, but has become secondary.

Those of you who have come to my site to seek a particular service may certainly contact me for the particulars of that service by email or call 603-781-3892. I hope, especially, that what I am doing as an Addiction Professional, Biofeedback Specialist and Psychologist will catch your attention. The potential of these tools to enable children and adults to manage any number of emotional, learning and stress conditions is immense.

Biographical Sketch

Anita Remig, Ed. D., F.P.P.R., F.S.M.I., is a practicing clinical psychologist and consultant specializing in treating ADHD, Addiction, Depression, Mood Disorders and Biofeedback therapy. Dr. Remig is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist and Certified Biofeedback Specialist with 40 years of experience. Much of her work has been in psychotherapy and education: providing individual psychotherapy, leading group therapy for addiction, consulting on ADHD assessment and treatment, assisting the IEP process and performing psychological evaluations.

Anita Remig has been delivering national seminars for 18 years for Cross Country Education, one of the largest companies to provide high quality seminars to behavioral health and education professionals. As well, the professional seminars that Dr. Remig delivers are offered through the University of New Hampshire’s Professional Development Department, where she has been teaching since 1994. Dr. Remig’s seminars include: “Coaching Youth at Risk for Addiction”, “Childhood Developmental Disorders”, “The Human Brain and Learning Styles,” “ADHD and Motivation,” “Learning Disabilities and ADHD: Behavioral Interventions,” and “Attachment Disorders.” Dr. Remig is a “Fellow of the Prescribing Psychologist Register” (F.P.P.R.) and a “Fellow in Serious Mental Illness” (F.S.M.I.). Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including Child Study Journal, Language and Speech, and Journal of Child Psychology.