Psychotherapy Billing Services:
A Business Collaboration

by Kirk Remignanti, IT Specialist, Billing Agent; With Anita Remig, Billing Support Agent

We are offering billing services to psychologists, mental health clinicians, social work psychotherapists, and other professionals who bill third-party payers for their work. It has become clear to all of us that third-party payment is complex and requires a great deal of time, effort and knowledge in order to obtain equitable compensation. Because billing is on-line these days, it often takes an expert in the field of technology to get the job done.

Kirk Remignanti brings 15 years of professional work in the area of Information Technology to this billing service. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business and IT and a Masters degree in business administration. Kirk brings technical skills and a mind for detail to this billing service. He has observed and corrected many of my billing errors resulting in increased, appropriate payment. As you know, billing at times requires communication with insurance and HMO personnel; Kirk is able to speak to professionals in an efficient and intelligent manner to solve problems.

I have joined forces with Kirk Remignanti, technology expert and billing specialist to create a novel system for effective and efficient billing services. Kirk and I have been working on specialized systems for psychotherapists to easily get claims sent out, ERAs received and EFTs organized. As you may know, the third-party payment system is fraught with acronyms; it takes an IT specialist to use computer systems blended with billing capabilities to ensure accurate payment.

As a psychologist, I have done my own billing for four decades. I joined forces with Kirk at the point when I no longer had the time or skills to do each task in the process thoroughly. My understanding of the overall billing procedure and my knowledge of the ethics of psychotherapy and HIPPA blend with Kirk’s IT training and his knowledge of HIPPA. Together, our combined skills have produced a streamlined and ethical manner of billing practice.

Our billing system includes protocols for writing progress notes and initial psychological assessments. We have devised a way to write and store all patient information for use in billing and for psychotherapists needs in note-keeping. The system is flexible and personalized. It is absolutely HIPPA compliant. Each clinician who uses our system will take from it just what he or she needs to meet their practice requirements.

If you decide to learn more about this method of practice billing, you will be communicating with me, Anita Remig. My job is to explain the system and help people learn the technical algorithm that Kirk has created. It took me some time to learn and depending upon your IT skill level, it may be quick or slower for you to learn the system. I enjoy talking and teaching and thus will take whatever time each psychotherapist requires to learn and to master the process. Meanwhile, Kirk will be handling the perfection of the tools, the steps, the record-keeping and claims submission.

Please contact me at any time if you would like more information: or text 603-781-3892.